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Jean-luc is a popular invited speaker at top-notch universities
and international conferences for what are now classic lectures
(or related interactive workshops) on scientific communication,
visual structure, pedagogy, statistical thinking, and other topics.
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The following sessions have already been confirmed—and more
are in the planning. You can sign up to receive announcements
for your part of the world (and unsubscribe safely at any time).

1 Mar 2018

The Arizona flash visit 2018
Jean-luc could not resist an invitation to come and deliver a lecture
at the University of Arizona—and to hike among the saguaro cacti
in his free time. Everyone is welcome: tell your friends in Tucson.

Thu 1 Mar

U of Arizona

16:30–18:30   Chemistry 134

PDF flyer

Everyone's favorite mistakes

20 Mar 2018

The first ever lecture in England!
Jean-luc is delighted to have been invited at last to speak in England.
Everyone is welcome to attend: tell your contacts in Cambridge.

Tue 20 Mar

U of Cambridge

13:30–15:30   ENGLR1

PDF flyer

Making engineering presentations with impact

22 Mar 2018

Another open lecture in Belgium
Following a long tradition, we are partnering with the SPIE/OSA
student chapter at KU Leuven to bring out a brand-new lecture.
Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend (free): please join us
and bring your friends, colleagues, students… and family, too!
Please register, so we know how many people to expect. Thanks.

Thu 22 Mar


19:45–22:00   200M 00.07

PDF flyer

Getting the message across

2–13 Apr 2018

The West Coast tour 2018
Spring is the time of year for Jean-luc to visit campuses on the West Coast.
The sessions below are confirmed; more are currently being discussed.
Unless otherwise posted, everyone is welcome to attend: tell your friends.

Mon 2 Apr



Creating effective research posters

Tue 3 Apr

UC Los Angeles

[time to be confirmed]  

[topic to be decided]

Wed 4 Apr

UC Riverside


[topic to be confirmed]

Thu 5 May

UC Irvine

[time to be confirmed]   Natural Sciences 2 Rm 2201

Communicating science to nonscientists

Tue 10 Apr

UC Santa Barbara


Getting the message across

Fri 13 Apr

Berkeley Lab

13:00–15:00   Bldg 50 Auditorium

The three laws of communication

21–24 Apr 2018
Strasbourg, France

SPIE Photonics Europe
SPIE will keep Jean-luc busy again in 2018—starting in Strasbourg.
Except for the leadership workshop, all conference attendees have
free access to Jean-luc's sessions; no need to sign up in advance.

Sat or Sun

9:00–17:00   [workshop]

Leadership workshop

Sun or Mon

13:30–17:30   [workshop]

Making the most of your presentation

Mon or Tue

8:30–12:30   [workshop]

Structuring your research paper

Mon or Tue

13:30–17:30   [workshop]

Conveying messages with graphs

17–20 Aug 2018
San Diego, CA

SPIE Optics + Photonics
This year again, Jean-luc will speak at SPIE Optics + Photonics in San Diego.
Except for the leadership workshop on Saturday, all conference attendees
now have free access to Jean-luc's sessions; no need to sign up in advance.

Sat 18 Aug

9:00–17:00   Marina ballroom [workshop]

Leadership workshop

Sun 19 Aug

10:30–11:20   Balboa [lecture]

Working efficiently during your PhD

Sun 19 Aug

13:30–17:30   Balboa [workshop]

Making the most of your presentation

Mon 20 Aug

8:30–12:30   Balboa [workshop]

Structuring your research paper

Mon 20 Aug

13:30–17:30   Balboa [workshop]

Conveying messages with graphs


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