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Jean-luc is a popular invited speaker at top-notch universities
and international conferences for what are now classic lectures
(or related interactive workshops) on scientific communication,
visual structure, pedagogy, statistical thinking, and other topics.
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The following sessions have already been confirmed—and more
are in the planning. You can sign up to receive announcements
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Thu 4 Feb 2016
Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium

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Making the most of your presentation
We are delighted to have been invited by the von Karman Institute
for Fluid Dynamics
to deliver our flagship lecture on presentations,
as this is a campus where we have not had a chance to speak yet.

Mon 8 Feb 2016
VUB Etterbeek Room D0.03

An effective curriculum vitae
The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has asked us to give again our lecture
on effective CVs, this time for both master and doctoral students.
We look forward to seeing many known faces at VUB again. :-)

Thu 18 Feb 2016
Leuven, Belgium

Creating effective posters
After running several workshops on effective posters, we are delighted
by this opportunity to reach a broader audience through a lecture
at KU Leuven, room BMW 1 in O&N 2. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Wed 27 Apr 2016
Leuven, Belgium

The three laws of communication
Jean-luc will give the closing presentation to a series of workshops
about oral presentations organized for students by AFC in Leuven.
Everyone is welcome to attend (Maria-Theresiacollege, Grote Aula).

Tue 21 Jun 2016
Blacksburg, VA

Creating effective slides
Jean-luc was invited to speak at the June 2016 meeting of the American
Society for Virology, which will take place on the campus of Virginia Tech.
More details will follow soon, but feel free to mark your calendars already.

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