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Jean-luc is a popular invited speaker at top-notch universities
and international conferences for what are now classic lectures
(or related interactive workshops) on scientific communication,
visual structure, pedagogy, statistical thinking, and other topics.
Interested in bringing Jean-luc to your campus or conference?
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The following sessions have already been confirmed—and more
are in the planning. You can sign up to receive announcements
for your part of the world (and unsubscribe safely at any time).

8–19 Apr 2016
Oregon + California

PDF flyer

The West Coast tour 2016
Spring is the time of year for Jean-luc to visit campuses on the West Coast.
The sessions below are confirmed; more are currently being discussed.
Unless otherwise posted, everyone is welcome to attend: tell your friends.

Thu 7 Apr


15:30–17:30   CLSB Lecture Hall 3A003A/B

The three laws of communication

Fri 8 Apr


8:30–13:30   Workshop for registered participants only

Conveying messages with graphs

Mon 11 Apr


12:30–14:30   Keck auditorium

Structuring your research paper

Tue 12 Apr

UC Irvine

15:00–17:00   Natural Sciences 1, Room 4112

PDF flyer

Working efficiently (during your PhD)

Wed 13 Apr


9:00–13:00   Workshop for registered participants only

Structuring your research paper

Fri 15 Apr

UC Santa Barbara

9:00–12:00   Workshop for registered participants only

Teaching oral presentations

Tue 19 Apr

UC Santa Barbara

10:00–12:00   ESB 1001

PDF flyer

Making the most of your presentation

Tue 19 Apr

UC Santa Barbara

15:00–16:30   MSRB 1302

PDF flyer

Everyone's favorite mistakes

Wed 27 Apr 2016
Leuven, Belgium

The three laws of communication
Jean-luc will give the closing presentation to a series of workshops
about oral presentations organized for students by AFC in Leuven.
Everyone is welcome to attend (Maria-Theresiacollege, Grote Aula).

May 2016

The Québec visit 2016
In May, Jean-luc will have the pleasure of returning to the Belle Province
for a total of three lectures: two in Montréal and one in Québec City.

Thu 19 May

Poly Montréal


The three laws of communication

Thu 19 May



[Topic to be decided]

Sat 21 May

U Laval


Making the most of your presentation

Fri 27 May 2016
Brussels, Belgium

Everyone's favorite mistakes
We're delighted to have been invited to run our newest lecture
on critical thinking for PhD researchers as part of the PhD Day
at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Tue 21 Jun 2016
Blacksburg, VA

PDF flyer

Creating effective slides
Jean-luc was invited to speak at the June 2016 meeting of the American
Society for Virology, which will take place on the campus of Virginia Tech.
More details will follow soon, but feel free to mark your calendars already.

Thu 7 Jul 2016
Aachen, Germany

Everyone's favorite mistakes
Once again, Jean-luc will be the opening speaker on the second day
of the Leibniz Young Polymer Scientist Forum in Aachen, Germany.
For inquiries, please contact

27–29 Aug 2016
San Diego, CA

SPIE Optics + Photonics
This year again, Jean-luc will speak at SPIE Optics + Photonics in San Diego.
Conference registration required, but free access to workshops for students.

Sat 27 Aug

9:00–17:00   Marina ballroom [workshop]

Leadership workshop

Sun 28 Aug

13:30–17:00   Balboa [workshop]

Persuading others

Mon 29 Aug

8:30–12:30   Balboa [workshop]

Effective technical presentations

Mon 29 Aug

13:30–17:30   Balboa [workshop]

Effective scientific papers

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