Effective communication
for rational minds

The ability to articulate ideas effectively is an invaluable asset
for engineers, scientists, business people, and so many others.
The written documents and the oral presentations these create
are often the most visible outcome of their work, and are thus
critical to the advancement of their projects and of their career.

Many professionals, however, have poor communication skills,
usually for lack of suitable guidance. Skills developed in school
are seldom appropriate for the “real world,” for students must
write and speak for markedly different purposes and audiences.
Skills acquired on the job propagate shortcomings by imitation.

We at Principiæ decided to devote our experience and expertise
to providing the missing guidance, in a strongly structured way.
We thus train rational minds in effective communication (written,
oral, visual), pedagogy, statistical thinking, and related themes.
We create and provide advice on documents, presentations, and
graphs. And we wrote and published a book on communication.

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Our clients and audiences consist of engineers and scientists,
primarily in the research and development sphere in companies,
institutes, and universities (thus including students and faculty),
and of business people, top executives, and other professionals,
currently much in the financial world (banking and insurance).

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