A wide range of activities
Training, consulting, creations

At Principiæ, we like to be models of what we recommend:
we cannot settle for a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do approach.
By balancing training activities with consulting and creations,
we ensure our sessions are based on hands-on experience;
conversely, facing training participants forces us to sharpen
our conceptual models and frequently triggers fresh ideas.

Training activities

Our training sessions cover three communication themes:
oral presentations, written documents, and visual displays.
These themes are broad enough to include satellite topics
such as gentle persuasion, electronic mail, or Web design.
Under the label Getting the message across, we propose
transversal workshops, bringing several themes together.

More recently, we have also started offering short programs
on statistical thinking. Notable among these is one titled
Dice, cards, and insurances, to help insurance professionals
make correct reasonings and figure out insurance premiums.

On another level, we also train instructors and professors,
with an emphasis on encouraging learning, not teaching.

Consulting and creations

As consultants, we can evaluate communication materials
or practices, diagnose problems, and propose solutions.
We create—or help create—written documents, speeches
and visual aids for presentations, graphs and page layouts,
and teaching materials. We help with any or all of the steps,
from gathering information to fine-tuning the final result.
We also facilitate processes that require solid structuring,
such as round tables, brainstorms, or decision meetings.

In contrast to the sequential tradition of creating documents,
we believe in a tight interweaving of all steps of the process:
at Principiæ, the same consultant designs the format, writes
and typesets the texts, interprets and graphs the data, etc.
The result is a finished document of exceptional harmony:
the text fits the format as much as the format fits the text,
with meaningful line breaks, perfectly aligned texts, graphs,
and illustrations, all on a sharp grid, for maximal readability.

We have been known to tackle a surprising variety of projects,
for an equally surprising diversity of clients. Just let us know
what is on your mind; we will let you know how we can help.

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