Clear competitive advantages
thanks to an original approach

Simple but solid principles, supported by relevant examples
and real-life exercises with individual feedback—these are
the foundations of our training approach. Thus no useless
theory, academic examples, or canned exercises. We offer
no-nonsense guidelines that participants can readily apply.

With 20 years of experience addressing demanding audiences
(and a calendar as good as fully booked months in advance),
we are confident that our sessions answer the training needs
of our very diverse client base in an effective and efficient way.
Here are some of the assets that our clients particularly value.

We focus on structure, not style

“Prose is architecture, not interior decoration” Hemingway said.
What makes most documents nigh impenetrable to all readers
but the initiated is not the shortcomings of grammar or usage
(however irritating these might be to the careful native speaker)
as much as lack of motivation for the work, poorly developed
argumentation, or insufficient interpretation of the findings.

Similarly, what makes a presentation effective is first of all
presenting the right information (and the right amount of it),
and presenting it in an appropriate sequence for the audience.
It is giving them a map and ensuring they know at all times
where they are on the map. The same can be said of slides, too:
these should get messages across with a clear visual structure.

Our approach focuses on audience-oriented communication—
a question of strategy and of structure much more than style.

We use the participants' examples

To learn from examples, participants must be able to identify
with them. In our experience, the only truly effective approach
is to select our examples from documents, slides, graphs, etc.
sent in advance by participants and to conduct a group critique
of these many examples as part of the conceptual discussion.
Similarly, any practice presentations receive group feedback.
The resulting learning points are de facto relevant, consensual,
and memorable—so much more than with generic examples.

Clearly, our business, engineering, and scientific background
helps ensure relevant advice, and is always much appreciated.

We pay attention to everyone

Our reliance on participants' examples and group discussion
already ensures a self-setting level (no time is lost on points
already mastered) and constant opportunities for questions,
but we offer extra learning moments. Through “homework”,
we can provide personalized feedback to each participant—
regardless of the size of the group. This opportunity to apply
individually the principles discussed in class to real situations
is a clear benefit, frequently praised on the evaluation forms.
Moreover, the practice sessions help the participants improve,
not only by receiving personal feedback on their presentation,
but also by providing precise, constructive feedback to others.

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