A broad range of satisfied clients
confirming the universality of our approach

Our approach turns out to suit a surprising variety of clients.
Our respective backgrounds give us an edge in the research
and development sphere and in the financial world at large,
but we have successfully run sessions or completed projects
for very different clients, too. We enjoy this variety of clients
and we know it broadens and strengthens our expertise, too.

Research and development

We spend a lot of our time training engineers and researchers
at companies, research centers, universities, technical meetings,
and conferences, mostly in engineering and in the life sciences.

In engineering and the applied sciences, we have run sessions
for companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Alstom, GDF Suez, IBA,
and Shell; for research centers such as ICFO, NIOSH, and NIST;
at meetings of European research networks on nanophotonics,
molecular electronics, superconductors, and other hot topics;
and at conferences run by the American Astronomical Society,
the National Hearing Conservation Association, SPIE, and more.

In the life sciences, we have run sessions for several companies
of the Johnson & Johnson group as well as for research institutes
such as the Baylor College of Medicine, the Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research Center
, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
the Salk Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, and VIB.

Overall, we have addressed groups of grad students, postdocs,
faculty, and other researchers at all major universities in Belgium
and at dozens of universities elsewhere in Europe and overseas,
including at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Caltech.
(For a complete list of US campuses where Jean-luc has spoken,
see our PDF document Lectures on scientific communication.)

Financial world

Our expertise is much demanded in the financial world as well,
for training, consulting, or creation projects. Among our clients
are banking and/or insurance companies such as AG Insurance,
Amlin, Axa, and Nassau Verzekeringen; brokers such as Marsh;
providers of financial services such as Euroclear; and auditors and financial consultants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

… and much more

Our approach is universal enough to serve very different clients,
too. We have completed page-layout projects for organizations
as diverse as McMaster-Carr (a hardware supplier with a catalog
of over 480 000 products), Brussel Deze Week (a newspaper),
and the King Baudouin Foundation (a philanthropic organization).
We have run sessions for FOST Plus, the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, the Society for Technical Communication, and more.

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