This 16-page booklet — the perfect companion
to our hallmark book Trees, maps, and theorems
on effective communication for rational minds —
is made available in PDF (304 KB) free of charge.

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Although convinced of the soundness of our recommendations,
many participants in our sessions on effective communication
feel they will not be allowed to implement these in practice.
Beside “nobody else does it in this way,” the classic assertions
to justify resistance to change include “it is not compatible
with our template” and “my group leader won't let me do so.”
While such utterances are sometimes no more than excuses
for laziness or low self-confidence, the barriers are often real.

Our next challenge is thus working on attitude, not just skills.
The trouble is, what must be changed is not just the attitude
of the participants but that of their leaders, their institution,
and their community. Exposing in this booklet three barriers
to effective communication is part of our efforts to get there.
And if the cause we defend through it seems worthy to you,
join the crusade and spread the ideas. Let's change the world!